Balama Prima Group, developed from an import & distribution agency over 30 years ago, into today’s enterprise with diversified businesses related to Infrastructure, Eco-conservation and Agriculture. Ever-changing and improving with innovations; Continuing to move forward with endeavours.

简介 Introduction

“百莱玛” 成立于1978年,早年以建筑建材料起家,经过了愈三十年的发展,集团以稳健的步伐不断壮大,至今已成为一家多元化的实业型集团,涉足多个领域的业务,包括基建、环保、农业等,业务遍及世界各地。集团总部设于香港,并于北京、上海、广州、深圳、廊坊设有分公司或办事处;分销机构遍布世界各地。

凭着 “百莱玛” — 《诚信创新、服务至上》的核心企业文化,集团一直以技术领先、优质产品和服务全面照顾我们客户的需要;被受行业高度认同。“百莱玛” 以专业专注的原则,在业务范围內的各领域继续发光发热,为客户带来最理想全方位解决方案。

【以客为尊】是 “百莱玛” 一贯的经营理念。正是由于 “百莱玛” 能满足客户对品质和服务的要求,“百莱玛” 才会不断进步,不断创新,与时俱进,赢得了廣大客戶和合作伙伴的高度信任,在市場上擁有優良声誉。

Founded in 1978, Balama Prima began as an import and distribution agency, primarily focusing on the import of construction materials and equipment into mainland China.  Balama Prima has steadily grown for the past 30+ years, developing into a world-renowned industrial solutions provider.  The core business of today’s diversified Balama Prima Group includes businesses related to Infrastructure, Eco-Conservation and Agriculture.  In addition to its headquarters in Hong Kong and offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Langfang, the Balama Prima Group has a highly qualified sales and distribution network spread throughout the world.

With a focus on “Integrity, Innovation, and Service”, Balama Prima Group has created a company culture that is reliable and trustworthy.  The Group is recognized in its various industries as a highly respected leader in providing cutting-edge technology, quality products, and superior service.

With “Customer First” as its motto, Balama Prima Group strives daily to uphold its principles of professionalism with focused attention on customer needs, continuing to develop and contribute in its diverse business areas by providing the best possible solutions to the customer.

董事长 The Chairman

百莱玛集团” 创办人,董事长;柬埔寨华侨。1955年回国求学,55-63年在 “湖南师大附中” 和 “湖南大学” 读书。1963年,毕业于 “长沙铁道学院” 铁道建筑系,在教授的提名推荐下,进入 “铁道科学院” 工作,1974年回柬埔寨过程中因柬国战乱留港发展。

1978年邓小平提出改革开放,国内建筑行业首先进入发展期,蔡鸿能先生怀着爱国之情,辞去香港深受重用的工作,回到内地从零开始创业。1979年成立省建建筑材料及设备公司,5年内为国家引进100多台欧洲著名厂商的塔吊等大型设备,为国家改革开放的第一批高楼建设提供了支持。1993-1995年参与了举世瞩目的 “长江三峡工程主坝施工方案” 的招投标,并成为众投标商中的优秀方案,同时成功为大坝引进4台360t/h冷拌混凝土搅拌站,并成立 “宜昌服务部” 跟进设备服务,成功为大坝提供了一半以上的冷拌混凝土材料,为大坝工程按时保质提供了重要前提条件之一。近年则大力开拓环保及再生能源的高新技术开发业务。

Founder of [Balama Prima], Mr. H.N. Choi was born in Cambodia.  He returned to China for education in 1955.  From 1955-1963 he studied in the ‘Hunan Teacher-Training Middle School’ and then ‘Hunan University’.  Nominated by a university professor, he started working in the ‘Railway Science and Technology College’ right after his graduation from the railway construction faculty of the ‘Changsha Railway College’ (now known as ‘Central South University’) in 1963.  While on his way back to Cambodia in 1974, intense warfare in Cambodia caused him to change his plans and stay in Hong Kong ever after.

Since the ‘Reform and Open Policy’ was put forward by Mr. Deng Xiao Ping in 1978, the construction industry became the first sector to start developing in China. Recognizing this great opportunity, Mr. Choi quitted his work in Hong Kong and started his own business in China. He established the ‘San Kin Enterprise Company’ that sold construction material and equipment in 1979 and went on to provide great support to the construction of the first lot of skyscrapers in China by importing over 100 sets of prestigious European tower cranes within five years.

From 1993-1995 [Balama Prima] took the lead in organizing internationally renowned enterprises to participate in the tendering process of the remarkable ‘Yangtze River Three Gorges Project – Construction Solutions for the Main Dam’, and recieved the honor of being recognized as an excellent solution among all tenderers.  Four sets of 360 t/h concrete mixing plants were successfully imported, and a service department was set up in Yichang.  This service department not only helped produce over half of the concrete mix needed for the Main Dam, but they also provided follow up services for the equipment.  All these factors served as important pre-requisites for the Main Dam project to be completed on time and in good quality.

Since entering the 21st Century, great effort has been put into the development of the new technological environmental protection and renewable energy business.

Enthusiastically giving support to the construction industry of China, Mr. Choi always stays in the frontline of technological innovation, keeping pace with the reform and open process of the country. Striving to be an idealistic businessman for over 30 years, Mr. Choi is proud of his career and hopes to continue playing a meaningful role as an effective cog in the resurrection of the country.

核心业务 Core Business

为了落实集团多元化发展策略,“百莱玛集团” 不断致力发展,核心业务包括《基建》,《环保》以及《农业科技》相关业务,业务遍及世界各地。

To implement the Group’s diversification strategy, the Group has grown with steady pace. The core businesses includes infrastructure, environmental conservation and agriculture related businesses. Its businesses and sales distribution network has spread around the world.

联络我们 Contact us

Balama Prima Group (Headquarters)

电话.: +852 2542 2872   •   传真: +852 2541 9078

7/10/17 Fl., Hing Lung Commercial Building, 68-74 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong SAR, CHINA

业务相关公司 Relevant Subsidiary

集团于2010年成立 “新必奥能源有限公司”〔Symbior〕,致力于再生资源发电,并将电力能源输送到新兴经济体。公司发展战略第一步为在印度和泰国发展太阳能发电场。此外,“新必奥” 亦从事合同能源管理这一新兴节能产业。

Symbior Energy
The Group established Symbior Energy Limited in 2010, specializing in delivering electrical energy to emerging economies, using renewable sources for generation. Symbior is developing solar farms in India and Thailand, the first phase of its growth strategy. Besides, Symbior will engage in energy performance contracting, a new energy saving business.